Spurcycle • Ringer bell

Spurcycle • Ringer bell

Merk: Spurcycle
Model: Spu_R
Prijs: 54,95€

Spurcycle was founded in 2012 to answer their own oversized appetite for beautiful bicycle products. As engineers, they embrace clean, quality designs that serve well understood cycling needs.

The promise to be lighter, faster, and stronger is for other brands to trumpet. Spurcycle simply intends anything they design to be a lasting favorite among daily cyclists. Of course, that’s not an easy mark to hit. Concepts for their bell project began after crossing a crowded Golden Gate Bridge over many sunny weekend mornings. Sketches and models evolved over more than a year of iteration in our prototype shop before all the details were dialed.

Development on new products continues along this twisty hill climb. They’re fortunate to have assembled a strong network of creative collaborators: exceptional designers, engineers, and manufacturing partners. Together they will continue working to deliver products that don’t require a slick sales pitch but which encourage blatant favoritism.

Spurcycle distilled your average bell into a trim, precision form. Smaller, more potent, and more streamlined—it's powerful sound from a bicycle bell for any bike: modern road, mountain, or vintage townie. Engineered to fit all handlebars, standard and oversize diameters.


Material: premium quality brass and stainless steel

Finish: raw (only one available)

Dome size: ⌀30mm x 20.5mm

Total bell weight: 45g

Included large and small attachment bands provide multiple mounting positions, allowing installation on standard 22.2mm, oversized 31.8mm bars, and 35mm headset spacers.

Impeccable build quality.

Each bell is skillfully constructed in the USA from stainless steel and brass components designed to last.

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