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  • Supernova E3 Pro 2 head light
    The Supernova E3 Pro 2 head light accompanies bike travellers to the most remote regions of the globe as reliably as it lights the way of commuters on their daily way to work. Its extremely bright light provides great safety in traffic and leaves no pothole and no shard of glass unlit. The side-illu..
  • Supernova E3 Pure head light
    The Supernova E3 Pure headlight measures only 49mm front to back because it eliminates the switch. So the housing is much smaller. Since better quality hub dynamos all have extremely low drag, many cyclists run their dynamo powered lights "On" all the time, so why even have a switch? Designed to mou..
  • Supernova E3 tail light 2
    For many years it was not possible to build a rear light with such small dimensions and such brightness that is road legal in Germany. The dazzling bright light of these precious gems guided by the clever Twin Beam Technology provides the best possible safety. The new E3 Tail Light 2 is a typical Su..
  • Supernova • golden connectors
    Supernova gold connectors allow you to use your led lights on different bicycles. They come with integrated crimp tubes. Makes quick removal of lights possible. Always pull on the plug, never on the cable! ..
  • Supernova • The Plug III
    The Supernova The Plug III convinces by simple mounting and a compact construction. The adapter has to be mounted on top of the fork tube. In this way the adapter is protected and can be connected to a plethora of devices. The cable is being led through the fork tube and connected to a hubdynamo. If..