Clément Pneumatici

A Classic Cycling Brand with Contemporary Style

In cycling, the name CLEMENT is as legendary as the many champions who logged time and wins on their classic silks. Names like Eddy Merckx, Jacques Anquetil, Felice Gimondi, and Ole Ritter to name a very few. Theirs were bicycle tires known and coveted for their speed, comfort, and performance; with names like the CLEMENT Paris Roubaix and CLEMENT Criterium Seta.

Today, CLEMENT has the same commitment to innovation and passion for the perfect ride they became known for originally. They’re not content to rest on past achievements. They’re here to build on them, applying new knowledge and technologies to create the ideal combination of speed, grip, and performance in a cycling tire.In short… the perfect ride, especially on gravel and rough pavement.

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  • Clément • X'plor MSO 700C x 40
    X’PLOR MSO The X’Plor MSO is an adventure tire designed for mixed conditions. The combination of smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs provide great traction and durability for gravel roads, trails, cyclocross, urban assault and even pavement. The MSO will fit on your cyclocros..
  • Clément • X'plor USH 700C x 35
    The X’Plor USH is a 700 x 35 mm adventure tyre designed for mixed conditions. The combination of firm center ridge and diamond-shaped side knobs provide low rolling resistance and great cornering control. Perfect for dirt roads, touring, and urban assault. The USH will fit on your cyclocross bike..