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  • H+Son • Archetype 700C rim
    The Archetype is the perfect all around road rim. At 470 grams, this rim has proven to be light yet not sacrificing strength, stiffness, and stability. The well accepted 23mm wide profile mimics a tubular tire, where the advantage can be felt immediately while taking corners as the tire is no longer..
  • Soma • Weymouth 650B rim
    A polished triple box section rim with a 24.4mm width. Good looking enough for randonneuring and strong enough for CX/XC use Pinned joint Single eyelets High polish finish Non-machined sidewalls for better pad-rim interaction Wt.: 540g ERD 565,8 mm 32 or 36 holes ..
  • H+Son • TB14 700C rim
    TB14 was inspired by the classic aesthetics of rims from the era when steel frames ruled competitive cycling and benefits from contemporary improvements in rim manufacture and profile design. We have always admired the look of the classic box section rim. From sourcing double eyelets to crafting new..
  • Ryde Andra 650B rim
    The rims in the Andra series have been designed to prevent spokes breaking. The spoke holes in the Andra rims have been drilled using a special drill at a radial angle of a maximum of 27 degrees and an axial angle of a maximum of 12 degrees. The base of the rim has been reinforced with extra-thick a..