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  • Clément • X'plor MSO 700C x 40
    X’PLOR MSO The X’Plor MSO is an adventure tire designed for mixed conditions. The combination of smooth-rolling center knobs and aggressive shoulder lugs provide great traction and durability for gravel roads, trails, cyclocross, urban assault and even pavement. The MSO will fit on your cyclocros..
  • Clément • X'plor USH 700C x 35
    The X’Plor USH is a 700 x 35 mm adventure tyre designed for mixed conditions. The combination of firm center ridge and diamond-shaped side knobs provide low rolling resistance and great cornering control. Perfect for dirt roads, touring, and urban assault. The USH will fit on your cyclocross bike..
  • Pacenti Pari-Moto skinwall 650B x 38 mm
    The Pari-Moto 38 mm foldabele tyre by Pacenti is a very light, fast and supple 'event' tyre, which holds it's own against tubulars. The tyre has supple sidewalls and a black sticky, low profile rubber tread that's slick in the middle for fast rolling and lightly textured on the shoulders for co..
  • The Shikoro in 42mm width is a quick, durable, armored steel bead clincher tire that maintains excellent road feel. Superb for training, touring, and commuting. . • Dense Weave Polyamide breaker offers bead to bead for protection against punctures at the tread and sidewalls • 4HD casing offers..
  • Soma • Grand Randonneur Blue label 650B x 42
    The Soma Grand Randonneur Blue label is the heavy duty version of the Green Label Grand Randonneur tire. Features thicker (4mm) and longer lasting tread. Tough 66tpi polyamide casing. Circa 610 grams. Recommended for touring and gravel grinding. Brown sidewalls with black tread. Made in Japan by Pa..
  • Soma • Grand Randonneur Green label 650B x 42
    The Soma Grand Randonneur Green label is a very light tyre made for a very supple ride experience. According to some it is an ‘event tyre’: a tyre to ride a long brevet or  gran fondo. The carcass is made from the same material as professional tubulars are made of, which results in very forgivi..
  • Soma • New Xpress 650B x 38
    The Soma New Xpress has got a HyperTex carcass that is as tough as Kevlar but is way more supple so it won't ride like a brick. Cut resistant and pinch flat resistant. Smooth inner surface for less tire rub. The tread is more durable also because of the added carbon. It is slightly narrower than the..
  • Surly • Knard 700C x 41
    This tread is made up of low, closely spaced knobs, an effective tread for going fast over varied terrain. Surly chose 41mm because it’s meaty enough to conform to the ground surface, absorb irregularities and provide a decent sized contact patch. Both the 27 and 120tpi casings do a good job and fee..