About Us


Welcome to Keiler Cycles, situated in 'burgundian' Maastricht at the base of the northern most hills of the Ardennes. We are an online bicycle shop which sells bicycles and bicycle parts that have something extra. Our goal is for you to cycle the roads and back roads in a relaxed manner. Without worries. Because you know you are riding a dependable bike. A bike that invites you to ride a brevet or load up with your camping gear and go for a Sub24hourOvernighter or even several nights.

Randonneurs and Gravel-bikes

This is possible with a randonneur or gravel-bike. Comfortable, lightweight touring bicycles made from steel framesets, using mudguards and carriers. Sometimes they are styled the way they were in the 1950’s and -60’s but with modern and  practical comforts when it comes to things like shifting.

650B tyre size

We specialize in framesets and parts for the 650B tyre size (ertro 584). This particular size is situated between the 700C size we know from race bikes and 29ers and the 26” size from mountain bikes. With a width of approximately 40 mm these tyres provide us  with an unrivalled comfort, which allows you to cycle on badly or unpaved roads and keep you relatively fresh and alert on a long brevet ride.


We also offer bicycles and bags for bikepacking. Lightweight and mostly off-road touring with only an essential kit packed in a frame- and/or saddlebag. For bike-packing we prefer steel frames too, as they offer comfort and versatility. Also large tyres are mounted for comfort and grip.

When you can’t find an article in our shop that you are interested in, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Keiler Cycles

And then the name…. A ‘keiler’ is a wild boar. While biking a woodland trail at night, a small herd of keilers crossed the path I was on. We were both startled by the encounter and the memory has always stuck in the back of my mind ever since. When I was admiring a newly finished bike packing steed, I associated it’s sloping top tube with the strong back and shoulders of a wild boar. That bike radiated some of the tenacity, solidity and durability of a wild boar. Characteristics we aim for in the products we sell. So it seemed logical to name our shop Keiler Cycles.